Two distinct funding programs are available at the Driehaus Foundation: 

Driehaus Foundation Grants

Driehaus Foundation Grants

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The MacArthur Funds for Culture, Equity, and the Arts at the Richard H. Driehaus Foundation

MacArthur-Driehaus Funds

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Driehaus Foundation Grants

The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation makes grants in four program areas: Built Environment, Arts and Culture,* Investigative Journalism for Government Accountability, and Economic Opportunity for the Working Poor.

Application Procedures

The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals. If, after carefully reading our grantmaking guidelines in the relevant program area, you believe your organization might be eligible for support, please contact a program officer by email and clearly indicate which funding area you are applying to (Arts and Culture, Built Environment, Investigative Journalism for Government Accountability, or Economic Opportunity for the Working Poor). Your email should cover topics such as the purpose of the proposed project, how it aligns with the Foundation’s guidelines in the chosen funding area, the audience, estimated full cost, requested amount, and timeline.

Application Deadlines

If your organization has been asked to submit a full proposal or if your organization is a current Driehaus Foundation grantee applying for renewal funding, the current deadlines are:

  • March 1, 2022, 6 pm CT 
  • July 1, 2022, 6 pm CT
  • November 1, 2022, 6 pm CT 

Do NOT submit a proposal unless you are invited to do so.

Please note that the Foundation is not accepting new proposals in 2021 or 2022 for the Economic Opportunity for the Working Poor portfolio.

* The Driehaus Foundation also partners with the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation to provide general operating support to arts and cultural organizations in Chicago with annual budgets up to $500,000. Scroll down for the application procedures for this separate funding program.

The MacArthur Funds for Culture, Equity, and the Arts at the Richard H. Driehaus Foundation


Please review the Guidelines for this funding program, including eligibility and restrictions, before pursuing support.  

We encourage eligible organizations that are not current grantees to contact Senior Program Director Suellen Burns at least a few weeks before the application deadline for a brief discussion about alignment with the MacArthur-Driehaus funding guidelines and to answer any questions. You can also email Suellen to request an example of a successful MacArthur-Driehaus grant application.   

Suellen Burns • Senior Program Director • The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation • P: 312-641-5772 • E:

Application Deadlines

The MacArthur Driehaus funding program has two application deadlines. The deadline that applies to your organization depends on budget size.

  • January 18, 2022, 6 pm CDT -- Groups with actual expenses of under $150,000 (excluding in-kind support) in the most recently completed fiscal year may apply.
  • May 2, 2022, 6 pm CST -- Groups with actual expenses between $150,000 and $500,000 (excluding in-kind support) in the most recently completed fiscal year may apply.

If you are unsure which deadline applies to your organization, contact Suellen Burns

Application Procedure

A prospective applicant can access The MacArthur-Driehaus application through Fluxx, our online grants management system, approximately eight weeks before an upcoming deadline. Instructions, application questions, and related information about applying can be found in the application form.

Grantees with single-year grants may reapply annually. Those with two- and three-year grants may reapply in the calendar year that their current grant ends. In general, this means current grantees who would like to reapply should do so prior to the expiration of their grant agreement.


First-time applicants need to register before being able to access the application. (A group may register at any time throughout the year.) Registration includes a short eligibility quiz. The Foundation then verifies registration information and activates the account. Verification and activation take one to three business days.

Proposal Review Process

The MacArthur-Driehaus review process involves a diverse team of seasoned arts management professionals. Once an application is submitted and eligibility confirmed, a reviewer from this team is assigned who will experience the applicant's work firsthand and meet with the applicant. Eligible funding requests are then presented for consideration to the Foundation's entire team of reviewers, staff and board of directors.

The review process takes approximately five to six months. All applicants receive written notification of the Foundation’s decision.

Suggestions for New and Returning Applicants

  • Please allow ample time to develop strong content for the application narrative, prepare financial information, and compile required attachments before submitting a request.
  • Returning applicants should always review and, as necessary, update the organizational profile section in Fluxx before submitting a request.
  • Experiencing the work of eligible applicants firsthand is a priority for the MacArthur-Driehaus review team. If your organization is a first-time applicant and will not have publicly presented work within four to five months of application submission, please contact Suellen Burns to discuss if and what alternate arrangements are possible.
  • Please contact Suellen if you are unsure about eligibility for MacArthur-Driehaus versus Prince Charitable Trusts' MacArthur Fund for Culture, Equity, and the Arts at Prince.

Suellen Burns • Senior Program Officer • The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation • P: 312-641-5772 • E:

Updated October 2021